What Are We Working On?

Bulk Buying Club

The ASUW SFC Bulk Buying Club will empower students and UW community members by providing a distribution network and store front for staple foods in bulk that are both high quality food and affordable. By increasing sustainability levels, reducing waste, and lowering the overall price of the food we already consume, our bulk buying store front aims to implement the general philosophy of the UWSFC and the Cooperative Movement in a tangible setting. This project is a proving ground for our organizational network and community support. We are currently in the process of preparing and planning a ASUW SFC Bulk Buying space housed in the HUB. We hope to have it up and running by the end of Winter Quarter 2016. Fill out this survey, and let us know what YOU would like to see sold.

Food Pantry

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The UW Food Pantry aims to address student, staff and faculty food insecurity at the University of Washington head on. This is a safe space operated by students for UW faculty, staff and students.

Currently, we are seeking donations of non-perishable items to begin our food pantry! Donation collection bins are located around campus (HUB main floor, HUB ASUW 121, Odegaard main floor, Mary Gates main floor).
Anything helps!

Items include:
Canned fruit
Canned chicken, tuna, and salmon
Soups and stews
Peanut or other nut butters (especially crunchy)
Shelf stable milk/alternatives (rice, soy, hemp, etc)
Cooking oil

The pantry currently runs on a pop-up style and alternates between the HUB and the Ethnic Cultural Center. More info here.


The education committee works towards educating the UW student community about cooperative principles and relevant food ethics topics. We aim to inform the student body about issues in line with values of the ASUW SFC. Check our Facebook, or sign up for out listserv for exciting educational programs throughout this year.

Humble Feast

Humble Feast is a celebration of locally-sourced, organic, sustainable food! It is a 4 course feast cooked by co-op students for our local community. The event includes an educational aspect as well. This ranges from the importance of farming, critiques of the food system, food desserts, and much much more. This fall, for example, we held a panel of local food justice organizations with representatives from PCC, Teen Feed, the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets, and Hot Cakes. We also include a few other fun activities during the feast: coloring, dancing, photo-booth-ing!


The ASUW SFC created a free cookbook that is tailored to student needs at the University of Washington. The cookbook contains information about basic cooking techniques, food storage, food purchasing and food justice and sovereignty organizations in the Seattle area. The cookbook includes recipes using ingredients that are in season each quarter and are tied to the food options available in the University District. We hope that by making this cookbook student-centric it will serve as a resource for students looking to cook ethical, sustainable, local food for a reasonable price. Please contact us if you would like a copy!

Recipe Testing 

We regularly meet  to test and adapt recipes used for various events on campus, catering occasions, and the co-op’s online website. We recipe test to foster a creative cooking outlet for students and bring together a community interested in cooking sustainably, locally, and on a budget.

Our Ultimate Goal: Cafe

The long-term vision of the UWSFC involves a student-operated cafe serving local, sustainable, and ethical food and drink. This space will not only operate as a resource supplying affordable food to the community, but will also provide students with an educational resource: we envision our cafe as an educational forum for a spectrum of topics including food justice, community action, culinary arts, and. Our cafe will serve to empower members of our campus and wider community with greater control over their food systems.