Meet Our Members

We are 100% member run. The ASUW Student Food Cooperative is made up of a fantastic group of hard working members/students. We meet weekly, have potlucks, and assure that each member has a specific and important role (we also like to have fun :)) If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us!

Below are some of our current members:


IMG_2670 Grace  IMG_2672 Shoshana

DSC00250 Emma  DSC00233 Erica

DSC00265 Sophie IMG_2676 Gunnar

IMG_2678 Emma IMG_2683 Max

IMG_2689 Damir  IMG_2690 Emily

DSC00248 Sophie DSC00229  Zoe

IMGP0212Teresa   IMGP0219 Barrie


This is what a member potluck looks like! Yum!

DSC00268IMGP0242 (1)