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If you are looking for a community on campus who loves to cook together and is passionate and food and sustainability we are the right place! Members of the Student Food Cooperative gain valuable experience with food service, graphic design, marketing, event planning, and other aspects of running a successful cooperative.

Looking for more information about how to participate and support our ongoing efforts to improve food at the UW?

Come to our meetings!

Every quarter we adjust our meeting day and time to suit the availability of thge cooperative members using When2Meet! Fall 2020 meetings are held every ____ in ____ from ___ to ____ pm.

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Email asuwsfcp@uw.edu with the subject Subscribe to be added to our mailing list!

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asuwsfc@uw.edu (Emma Turner, internal operations co-manager - membership, involvement, volunteering)

asuwsfcp@uw.edu (Hannah Jordan, external operations co-manager - partnerships, events, general programming inquiries)

Please feel free to email us for more information about how to participate in our meetings, events, how to partner with us, and other programming efforts. Again, everyone is welcome to be a part of coopearative at anytime so don't hesitate to connect with us!