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University of Washington Student Food Cooperative



We aim to source our food from organizations that adhere to policies that ensure fairness for producers.

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Through local and mindful growing practices we can maintain and strengthen a sustainable food system.

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Community-driven, transparent, democratic organizations empower people to create a more sustainable community.

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SFC Cookbook

The ASUW SFC has created free cookbooks that are tailored to student needs. The cookbooks include recipes using ingredients that are in season and are tied to the food options available in the University District.

Humble Feast

Humble Feast is a bi-annual celebration of locally-sourced, organic, sustainable food! It is a 4 course feast cooked by co-op students for our local community. Guest speakers, panels, activities, and other educational highlights at these events range from the importance of ethical and sustainable farming.

Recipe Testing

We recipe-test to foster a creative cooking outlet for students and bring together a community interested in cooking sustainably, locally, and on a budget. These recipe testings also help us prepare for our plethora of events and programs to ensure tasty food is provided for those who attend!


We seek to build a supportive, cooperative community of engaged, empowered students through education about conscious consumption and their right to access nutritious, ethically-produced, and affordable food on the University of Washington campus.